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20 October 2009


Good morning everyone! I'm just sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee wondering what I want to write about. I'm learning a lot in school this semester. One of my favorite classes is Visual Thinking. We are learning a lot with Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely LOVE that program! It's way different than Photoshop, and Photoshop is pretty touchy sometimes.

I'm also working on a series right now about public restrooms. I plan to tackle the city restrooms with my camera. I know, gross. But I plan to document the juxtaposition between privacy in public spaces. I won't photograph anyone while they are on the toilet though. First off, I'm pretty shy, so photographing actual bathrooms is going to be a challenge for me. Secondly, well, there really is no secondly. If someone really wants me to take their picture while they are on the toilet, fine. I will. But I sure as heck won't ask anyone! Ha!!!

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My babies
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