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17 April 2009


I'm still sick...and it's not getting better.  This sucks.  I hate colds.  I hate allergies.  Oh, and it's snowing out right now.  It's April...mid-April.  Can't it be time for warm weather yet??  Please???

16 April 2009

Photo Cliche Jam

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for my cliche project in photo II.  I have to have film to develop tomorrow.  =I  
I was going to shoot a roll of my sister, but our schedules are conflicting...then I thought about taking pictures of all the cameras that I have, but I don't have enough light.  I need to get my lights back from Jessica.  
I need to get to school for now...and coffee, I need coffee.

15 April 2009

My Etsy Page

Please be sure to check out my photography and digital art on Etsy!  My URL is Kelela4.  I will be posting some of my favorite items from other sellers often, so be sure to check in and see what's new!

Day 1

Hey everyone!  This is my first blog site that I've joined.  I've decided that since I don't write in a journal, I should start a blog.  I tend to think a lot...but who doesn't?  Maybe my words or photos will inspire someone out there.  This is also important for family and friends to stay updated on my life.  Anyway, this wraps up my opening statement. Pretty boring, yes, but stay tuned for updates!

My babies

My babies
Ramsey and Bonnie