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22 October 2009

Hey everyone! Autumn is almost over! *GASP* I wanted to share my Autumn trees with you before it's completely gone. We had a little bit of snow last night. It was practically amazing! I can't wait for snowshoeing! Our puppies are going to LOVE the snow I think! They already love to hike...and they love water...so snow shouldn't be so bad for them! We might put sweaters on them since they are small-ish. They would look super adorable in little sweaters or mini vests! Anyway, check out these pics! You can find some of them on my Etsy page too. That link is http://kelela4.etsy.com Have a wonderful day!!

20 October 2009


Good morning everyone! I'm just sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee wondering what I want to write about. I'm learning a lot in school this semester. One of my favorite classes is Visual Thinking. We are learning a lot with Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely LOVE that program! It's way different than Photoshop, and Photoshop is pretty touchy sometimes.

I'm also working on a series right now about public restrooms. I plan to tackle the city restrooms with my camera. I know, gross. But I plan to document the juxtaposition between privacy in public spaces. I won't photograph anyone while they are on the toilet though. First off, I'm pretty shy, so photographing actual bathrooms is going to be a challenge for me. Secondly, well, there really is no secondly. If someone really wants me to take their picture while they are on the toilet, fine. I will. But I sure as heck won't ask anyone! Ha!!!

22 August 2009

Blogging is like journaling, only everyone can read it

New new new...new semester at school (I'm technically a senior, but still considered junior status...I am not sure how much more I have left...), new puppies (Ramsey and Bonnie...two of the most adorable Westie puppies EVER!), new haircut (yes, I've chopped it all off!), new job (Park Burger, gourmet burgers! Mmmmm!), new...BLOG post? Oh yeah! I've got lots to talk about, so hopefully within these next few weeks I will be able to write a little bit, post some pics, and post some of my favorite Etsy shops! I also plan to post what I will be working on in school. Visual Thinking is a class on communication design, so I am super stoked to learn all about InDesign and Illustrator! More to come, I promise!! So stay tuned!

14 July 2009

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28 May 2009

Hey everyone!  I'm doing a fundraiser to help my sister raise enough money for her divorce lawyer.  I would really really appreciate any and all support!

17 April 2009


I'm still sick...and it's not getting better.  This sucks.  I hate colds.  I hate allergies.  Oh, and it's snowing out right now.  It's April...mid-April.  Can't it be time for warm weather yet??  Please???

16 April 2009

Photo Cliche Jam

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for my cliche project in photo II.  I have to have film to develop tomorrow.  =I  
I was going to shoot a roll of my sister, but our schedules are conflicting...then I thought about taking pictures of all the cameras that I have, but I don't have enough light.  I need to get my lights back from Jessica.  
I need to get to school for now...and coffee, I need coffee.

15 April 2009

My Etsy Page

Please be sure to check out my photography and digital art on Etsy!  My URL is Kelela4.  I will be posting some of my favorite items from other sellers often, so be sure to check in and see what's new!

Day 1

Hey everyone!  This is my first blog site that I've joined.  I've decided that since I don't write in a journal, I should start a blog.  I tend to think a lot...but who doesn't?  Maybe my words or photos will inspire someone out there.  This is also important for family and friends to stay updated on my life.  Anyway, this wraps up my opening statement. Pretty boring, yes, but stay tuned for updates!

My babies

My babies
Ramsey and Bonnie