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22 August 2009

Blogging is like journaling, only everyone can read it

New new new...new semester at school (I'm technically a senior, but still considered junior status...I am not sure how much more I have left...), new puppies (Ramsey and Bonnie...two of the most adorable Westie puppies EVER!), new haircut (yes, I've chopped it all off!), new job (Park Burger, gourmet burgers! Mmmmm!), new...BLOG post? Oh yeah! I've got lots to talk about, so hopefully within these next few weeks I will be able to write a little bit, post some pics, and post some of my favorite Etsy shops! I also plan to post what I will be working on in school. Visual Thinking is a class on communication design, so I am super stoked to learn all about InDesign and Illustrator! More to come, I promise!! So stay tuned!

My babies

My babies
Ramsey and Bonnie